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To obtain Russian Tourist Visa Support Authorization (Official Visa Invitation and Voucher from Authorized Russian Travel Company) choose Your Visa Type and complete Visa Support Application Form below!

A foreign citizen can obtain a visa to Russia ONLY in the country of his/her citizenship. Exceptions include those who have a residence permit for a foreign country for the period more than 90 days. However, the final decision is left up to the consulates. We recommend that you get in touch with the Russian consulate in the country of your current location and make sure that your application will be accepted.

Attention! Due to Covid-19 epidemy the visa processing is temporarily suspended since March 18 by the Ministry Of Internal Affairs. The restrictions are likely to remain in force through September 15.

1. A tourist invitation is available for those who has a valid hotel reservation. A copy of your hotel booking confirmation should be enclosed to your online application. An invitation will be issued for the period of time covered by the booking.
2. To process the payment, we kindly ask that the actual card holder should fill out the payment authorization form (to download the form, click here). Please also provide a copy of the credit card so that the signature of the card holder can be checked against that on the payment authorization form. As you undoubtedly understand, these measures will protect the credit card holder's interests.
3. As a rule, Russian consulates in developing countries demand the invitation in original. The cost of the shipping via DHL depends on the destination. We will need to know your full postal address including post code, contact phone and contact person name. You can provide this information and approve the extra cost in the Comments field of your online application form and in the Payment Authorization Form.

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The Russian visa support is provided according to the requirements of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 115. The service cost includes all the required official fees needed for the processing the visa support at the local office of the FMS or MFA by a Russian legal entity.