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Once you have submitted the order and payment information, it is considered a binding contract and the service will be provided according to the price and processing period advertised on the website. In case our consultants recommend a different service and you provide a written confirmation of the change, and the service is of a lower price than the one originally ordered, the difference will be refunded to your credit card. In case the service is provided with an error in the client’s details, or type of the service, or the processing period, and the original information was provided by the client fully and correctly, 100% of the service price will be refunded to your credit card.

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De bijstand bij de verkrijging van Russisch visum is verleend in overeenstemming met de bepalingen uit Federale Wet nummer 115, van Russische Federatie. In de kosten voor deze dienstverlening zijn alle van Staatswege verschuldigde leges inbegrepen, geheven bij het lokale kantoor van FMS voor behandeling van visumaanvraag, ingediend door een Russische rechtspersoon.