Russian Visa – Choose the Type

A tourist visa would be fine for those going to Russia for sightseeing and well as for a short visit to friends or business partners. A tourist visa duration cannot exceed 30 days. In some countries Russian consulates grant a tourist visa for up to 14 days only. A business visa is meant for those who come to Russia to participate in business meetings but may also be useful if you need to stay in Russia more than 30 days.


Attention! Due to Covid-19 epidemy the visa processing is temporarily suspended since March 18 by the Ministry Of Internal Affairs. The restrictions are likely to remain in force through September 15.

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De bijstand bij de verkrijging van Russisch visum is verleend in overeenstemming met de bepalingen uit Federale Wet nummer 115, van Russische Federatie. In de kosten voor deze dienstverlening zijn alle van Staatswege verschuldigde leges inbegrepen, geheven bij het lokale kantoor van FMS voor behandeling van visumaanvraag, ingediend door een Russische rechtspersoon.